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Personalize your yard with custom design + comprehensive landscape installation.

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Protect your site from drainage + pollutants with professional solutions.

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Empty debris + disruptives with removal services to give your space a clean slate.

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About desert rock

Desert Rock is committed to building long term relationships by creating a direct value for the customer during the development process. Our team’s goals are to produce a quality product while delivering an exceptional service. At Desert Rock, we believe in three core values; Integrity, Passion and Respect. These core values are the foundation of our team, and we strive to strengthen our communities through our site services.



Storm Water Control

and why it's important for permian basin residents

As our world becomes more developed, our natural habitats become more strained by pollutants. Stormwater run off is the number one source of pollution in urban areas. Construction sites account for 70% of the stormwater pollution. It’s critical that all construction sites take appropriate measures to ensure that these pollutants remain on site so that our natural habitats can recover from pollutants and erosion. 




We designed this unique backyard to incorporate an outdoor kitchen and pergola. The horseshoe bar top serves as the focal point, allowing people to gather while cooking and enjoying entertainment on the suspended TV. With the shaded area beams, guests can enjoy during the year's hottest months.

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